Professor, Syh-Jong, Jang
Syh-Jong Jang is a Distinguished Professor at Asia University in Taiwan. He received his PhD in Science Education from the University of Texas at Austin, USA. He served associate dean of International College and the director at Center Of Cross-Strait Academic Exchange, Asia University. His research expertise is information technologies and TPACK from pre-service and in-service teacher level. He has published a lot SSCI-index research papers which focus on technology in teacher education and innovative science teaching in all levels. These published Journals include Computers in Human Behavior, Computers & Education, BJET, AJET, Educational Research, Higher Education, International Journal of Science Education, Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, etc. He also grants many research projects from Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan.

Dr. Liviu Popa-Simil
Dr. Liviu Popa-Simil, is the Executive Director of LAAS - Los Alamos Academy of Sciences, which strives to serve the public good by promoting science and innovation and the president of LAVM LLC, a private company developing nano-nuclear materials and THz applications as security systems. He is a nuclear engineer physicist, graduating from the Nuclear Engineering Faculty in Bucharest, Romania, specialized in Fast Breeder Reactors Physics and Engineering, and with dissertation work in Laser-Plasma Jet Nuclear Materials Enrichments. Since 2002, he has worked for Los Alamos National Laboratory, developing Real Time Radiography methods, and then, developed advanced nuclear fuel cycle as part of AFCI program, previously being a senior researcher, program manager at NIPNE-HH, in Bucharest Romania, specialized in accelerator applications and nuclear materials. He authored books on Kindle e-Book and iTunes on nano-nuclear materials, strategic space applications, climate change, transportation, supercomputers, etc., and he has filed patents on resistive spot welding, nuclear materials, THz imaging, ballistics, medical devices, etc. He has also contributed more than 300 peer-reviewed articles to professional journals, wrote chapters for several books on novel nuclear materials, super-computers, etc. and speaks at approximately three to four conferences per year. He gave more than 500 talks, several keynote speeches, many invited talks, and hundreds of seminaries and presentations.

Prof. Shuo Zhao
Dr. Shuo Zhao is professor/PhD Superviser in Communication University of China (CUC) and guest professor/PhD Superviser in University of Malaya(UM) and Krirk University of Thailand. He received his two Ph.D in Shanghai International Studies University and Northwestern Polytechnical University. He did his Postdoctoral Research both in Fudan University, Shanghai of China and Universitat of Barcelona, Barcelona of Spain. He is majored in comparative education and applied linguistic. Professor Shuo Zhao ever presides over National Social Science Fund in China, China Postdoctoral Science Fund, Humanities and Social Science Fund of Chinese Ministry of Education, National Education Science Program, Social Science Fund of Shaanxi Province and Research Project on Major Theoretical and Practical Problems in Shaanxi Province, etc. He publishes 100 papers and articles approximately. He is awarded as International Humanity Scholar by American Common Ground Publishing and CEU of Spain in 2014. In addition he is awarded as Emerging Humanity Scholar by American Common Ground Publishing and Imperial College London in 2017. Recently he is awarded as Emerging Scholar by University of Pennsylvania in 2018.

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